Youth Mentoring Program and Services

The primary goal of this mentoring program is to help reduce recidivism by offering support to promote a smooth transition (securing the bridge) as young people are exiting from Pima County Juvenile Court to their homes, schools and other community-based support services.

Transitional Planning and Aftercare Program

1). One-On-One Mentoring

  • Minimum Risk Youth
  • High Risk Behavior
  • Ages 8 to 17
  • 6 months to 1 year

2). Referral Services (Partnering with other community leaders)

Future Programs

  • After School Programs
  • Group Mentoring Program

As a preventative measure, Secure The Bridge Network plans to partner with Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) and other local schools mentoring young people in a group setting. Promoting Non-Bullying and Youth Leadership. Encouraging and developing leaders. Propelling our youth forward



Attitude, courage and integrity to complete goals while facing obstacles 
  • Growth (Personal)
  • Resilience (Bounce Back)
  • Inspire (Encourage)
  • Truth (Real Facts)


One on One Mentoring

Relationship starts and continues to the end

Pre and Post Release Court

Family Assessment (identify special needs > referrals)

Referral Services (15+ options)

Transitional Planning (road map)

Incentive Program

College/Job skill and Scholarship Opportunity