Secure the Bridge Network (STBN) is a Faith Based Community Partner dedicated to the idea of bringing youth and families together through the avenue of networking. Our primary goal is to reduce recidivism. Helping to save our youth, by transforming lives, building stronger families and making our community a safe and better place to live. STBN is a conduit and a catalyst to bring about change. We strive to mentor, minister, and develop the non-cognitive skills of each youth. Our strategy is to lend our ears, open our hearts and listen. Our youth need to be heard not judged.

STBN will work closely with Pima County Juvenile Court and other community partners connecting our youth and families to available community resources. We are committed to helping our youth overcome various barriers as they transition; re-entering into their community.

The overall mission of Secure The Bridge Network’s Youth Mentoring Program is to help “reduce recidivism”, combating juvenile delinquency. Helping our youth make better decisions.

Mission / Vision / Core Values

Mission Statement

Encouraging and empowering youth to steer clear of having further involvement in the juvenile justice court system, “Reducing Recidivism”, as we strengthen our community one by one. Making sure our youth make successful transitions. Redirecting their paths and connecting families to available community resources.

Vision Statement

A universal support system empowering young people to make better decisions and becoming productive citizens. Nationally partnering with other youth mentoring organizations worldwide.

Core Values


Being mindful of cultural uniqueness through respect, appreciation, education and valuing each culture within our community.


Value every individual’s emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. We will promote striving to Be The Best in all they do.


Committed to the personal development of our team that serve the community, as we remain responsive to their needs, dedicate to their success, trustworthy and loyal to the cause.


Valuing UNITY we will work together internally and externally with our community partners to achieve the common goal of Securing The Bridge for our youth. We promote a healthy and prosperous community.


Provide a safe atmosphere where the youth and families can be reconciled as a family unit and with God.


James and Vanhella Collier are the Founder and Co- Founders of Secure The Bridge Network (STBN). They started a Juvenile Ministry at the Pima County Juvenile Court (Detention Center), through their local church. During their first visit, the youth raised the question several times “how do I get out of this because when I get out of here, I have to go back to the same environment”?

Vanhella felt their hopelessness and God placed a burden upon her heart . Vanhella's spirit was troubled the entire weekend. She knew in her heart that sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ was not enough and that a need had to be met. That following Monday, all day long she continued to hear their voices crying out for help. Her heart ached even more.

As soon as Vanhella returned home from work, she immediately fell to her knees, praying and weeping; crying out to the Lord asking how and what she could do to help? She kept saying we (meaning the community) “we have to find a way to secure the bridge for these young people”. She kept repeating this and at that point the Holy Spirit revealed to her this would be the name for an organization Secure The Bridge Network. As her eyes were filled with tears, she anxiously began looking for paper to write down this vision. She wanted to capture everything God’s Spirit was prompting her to write. Before she knew it, she had a name and three pages of notes. After this experience Vanhella realized God was calling her and her husband James to a higher calling. Secure the Bridge Network is a vision birth and inspired by God. He has a plan, hope and a future for our youth.